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OutCry21™ is an ambitious, brand-establishing, agenda-setting, frank, forthright, opinion-sharing, high quality topical debating platform, on which contributors can tackle hot button issues of the day and speak their minds without fear or favor. [OutCry21™ (the suffix “21” represents: “21st Century“].

The Unique Mission of OutCry21™:

1) High quality, informed writing.
2) No topics are Taboo (within the bounds of common decency as judged by moderators).
3) Genuine contributors expressing and defending genuinely held views.
4) Empassioned debate where reason wins the day.
5) Posts submitted by Friday by 5pm Fridays (PST).
6) Featured Post selected Mondays by editorial team.
7) Winning Post secures most upvotes by Friday 5pm PST.
8) Posts commented on , evaluated, voted on and won by weekly vote.
(9) Contributors can use real names and real profile images.
(10) Contributors can create avatars and made up usernames.
(11) Contributors must register with verifiable identities to submit blog posts.
12) Self-enforced quality and standards will be maintained by community policing.
13) Open public comment threads for each post (nested replies/upvotes/ downvotes.
14) Funding by passive, non-intrusive, keyword-based advertising and sponsorship.
15) Heated Debate is tolerated as long as it does not devolve into open conflict.
16) A selection of Top Featured Posts will qualify for an annual OutCry21™ Anthology.
17) An annual, televised OutCry21™ Debate real world event will tour globally.
19) User Data will never be disclosed, traded or sold to Third Parties (except in the event of properly filed subpoenas filed by law enforcement or prosecuting authorities).
20) This site is a Zero Tolerance Zone for: Spam, Invective, Self-Promotion, Link Bait, Click Bait, Trolling, Libel, Incitement to Criminal Acts, Plagiarism, Impersonation, Misrepresentation or Fraud.

Suggested Debating Topics:

  • Automated Utopia or Jobless Dystopia? (Featured)

  • The Globalisation of Inequality (Featured)

  • Trump: Who will win? Trumpism or “The Swamp”?
  • Social Media: Pastime or Necessity
  • The Case for America First
  • The Case for a Globally Engaged America
  • The Case for Human Driven Climate Change
  • The Case for a Natural Global Warming
  • The Case for Evolution
  • The Case for Intelligent Design
  • The Case for Foetal Right to Life
  • The Case for A Woman’s Right to Choose
  • Is the Cost of Deep Space Exploration justified?
  • The Case for the Existence of Extraterrestial Life?
  • The Case Against the Existence of Extraterrestrial Life
  • Is Manned Interstellar Travel an Impossible Dream?
  • Will Intergalactic Travel Forever Remain in the Realm of Science Fiction?
  • Are widely-held certifications just a financial barrier to economic opportunity?
  • Unaccredited Academic Institutions
  • Robber Baron Information Age
  • Crowdsourced content sites should compensate content creators 50% of sale price
  • Bait & Switch Web Strategies
  • Internet Bubble 2.0?
  • The legitimacy of Crowdsourced Digital Fortunes
  • Net Neutrality
  • Online Privacy
  • Data Security
  • Merits and Demerits of Online Anonymity
  • Fake News
  • Cybercrime
  • Cybersecurity
  • Automation and Rust Belt Economic Deprivation
  • Internet of Things and Implications for Data Security and Privacy
  • Merits and Demerits of Big Data
  • Globalisation Labour Markets
  • Is the UK Sleepwalking into Brexit Disaster?
  • The Case for Brexit
  • The Case for the EU
  • How much money is too much?
  • Who is entitled to a sense of entitlement?
  • Does The Media Serve the People or Special Interests?
  • Merits & Demerits of Political Lobbying
  • Special Interests & Political Corruption
  • Does Casino Banking Help or Hinder the Economy
  • Ideology or Policy: Which Matters More?
  • 21st Century Nationalism
  • US Foreign Policy
  • The Moral Case for Military Interventions
  • The Moral Case for Regime Change
  • Moral Ambiguity
  • Are Do Gooders Good For Society?
  • Is Love of Money The Root of All Evil?
  • Can There Ever Be a Justification for Extremism?
  • Merits and Demerits of Organised Religion
  • Integration at What Cost?
  • Do Some Lives Matter More Than Others?
  • The Morality of Social Exclusion
  • Is Social Inclusion an example of Enlightened Self-Interest?
  • Does Ambition Justify Selfishness?
  • Can Social Injustice be Justified in Advanced Societies?
  • Does Healthcare Qualify as a Human Right?
  • Can There be Social Justice in a Climate of Escalating Legal Costs?
  • In Defence of Socialism
  • In Defence of Conservatism
  • In Defence of Liberalism
  • Can there ever be genuine justice for the indigenous populations of  settled lands?
  • How to Solve Economic Migration in the Age of Globalisation
  • Are Asylum Seekers Sacrosanct?
  • Who Polices Political Correctness?
  • Ideology or Policy?
  • In Defence of Ethnocentricity
  • In Defence of Multiculturalism
  • In Defence of Immigration
  • In Defence of Imiigration Policies
  • Does Social Integration Require Abandonment of Culture?
  • Why Does “When in Rome Do As The Romans” Only Apply to Non Westerners?
  • Is There Room For Ethnic Pride in a Multicultural Society?
  • Is Prejudice Always Wrong?
  • What is and what is not Racism?
  • Does Institutionalised Racism Matter?
  • Is There Bigotry in all of Us?
  • Isthere a difference between Prejudice and Bigotry?
  • Does Sexism Matter Any More?
  • Is Capitalism Innately Beneficial?
  • Is All New Technology Progress?
  • Innovation for Innovation’s sake
  • Is Taxation Legitimised Theft?
  • Is Tax Avoidance Wrong
  • When Does Tax Avoidance Become Tax Evasion?
  • Are Tax Havens Justified?

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