FixYa: The Epilog

If you’re one of those who happen to have read the FixYa story, you will have in mind how quickly a class-leading digital platform can fall from grace and sink into the depths of obscurity.

Even if you’re familiar with the somewhat topical and allegorical tale of FixYa, please allow me to show you a little more.

If you are unfamiliar with the FixYa story, you can read it here.

Although not every consumer seems aware of it , “The customer is King/Queen” has always been true of commerce and even moreso of eCommerce.

So, please take this fresh, brief, illuminating peer under the hood at FixYa, to illustrate how pitilessly brutal the consequences can be of a class-leading, mass-participation, crowdsourced content platform ever losing sight of who the true principal contributors to its value and image are.

Even a tiny extract from the ever-expanding list of now waning or obsolete Transatlantic brands toppled (for one reason or another) from dizzying heights of prominence and household name status in public consciousness, is a sobering sight to behold.

The Link
La Senza
Best Buy
Tie Rack
Mr Byrite
TJ Hughes
City Link
Toys R Us
Phones 4U
Focus DIY
99p Stores
Alta Vista
Radio Shack
Jane Norman
Austin Reed
Virgin Cola
Nicole Farhi
Monster Jobs
Bear Stearns
Theo Fennell
FW Woolworths
Northern Rock
Laker Airways
Clinton Cards
Mail Boxes Etc
Banana Republic
Lehman Brothers
Nortel Networks
Virgin Weddings
Arthur Andersen
Salomon Brothers
Friends Reunited
American Apparel
Albemarle & Bond
Lakeland Leather
Agent Provocateur
Inter City Express
Allders of Croydon
Berni’s Steak Houses
Long Term Capital Management
Bernard L. Madoff Securities LLC

In our fickle digital era, the switch from relevance to insignificance can be flipped by uers at any moment, with no more than the deletion of a redundant app deemed outmoded, redundant or surplus to requirements.

Let us go back to FixYa and focus on how pitilessly brutal the consequences of a class-leading, mass-participation, crowdsourced content platform losing sight of who the true principal contributors to a platform’s market value and public standing really are.

FixYa Alexa User traffic Ranking: #500 US/#600 Global > #692 US/#1492 Global (2011-2012)

FixYa Alexa US-Global User Traffic Rank/ User Engagement: #4,949 [Global]/#1,938 [US]/ (2017-2018)

UPDATE: FixYa Alexa US-Global User Traffic Rank/ User Engagement: #5,719 [Global]/#1,629 [US] (April, 2021)

When former US #500 most visited consumer product Q&A platform FixYa was in its prime, its top 100 daily log in Power User Q&A Subject Matter Specialists fought tooth an nail for their user-rated solution-providing efforts to be reflected in pride of place in the Top Ten of FixYa’s weekly gamification-incentivized Leader Board.

By the time FixYa’s entirely unnecessary, self-inflicted implosion had begun in September of 2011 and fully played itself out about 6 short months later on from FixYa’s fateful miscalculation, almost all of those ultra-loyal top 100+ power users had stopped logging in.

At the last review two days before this update was published (with a handful of notable exceptions), the overwhelming majority of former FixYa power users had not logged in for at least over a year. For many this will mean having completely turned their backs on the platform and moved on to pastures new, over the past 6-7 years (the FixYa activity counter caps out at 365 days).

The most poignant testimony of how committed these former power users were to FixYa reveals itself in the tiny handful of this former Top 100+ who still log in from time to time. Presumably, they do this in the remote hope that things might have somehow reverted back to FixYa’s pre-September 2011 incarnation – only to meet with ever more bitter disappointment each time, leading to longer and longer intervals between test log ins.

Key Code:

  • (x) Has not logged in for at least over a year (quite possibly much longer)
  • (???/??? days ago) Rare isolated Nostalgia-Driven Test Log In
  • (?/?/??/??/???/??? days ago) Occasional Hopeful Test Log In Session
  •  (? hours/? days ago) Still Fully Committed and Regularly Active

Top 100+ (Pre-Sept 2011) FixYa Power Users [By Leader Board Prominence History]:

  1. (x)
  2. (2 test log ins 364/365 days ago/otherwise 1+ year ago)
  3. (1 test log in 169 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  4. (2 days ago/still routinely active)
  5. (13 test sessions spread over 18-50 days ago)
  6. (x)
  7. (x)
  8. (x)
  9. (1 test log in 70 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  10. (x)
  11. (x)
  12. (x)
  13. (2 hours ago/still active daily)
  14. (12 test sessions over 3-152 days ago)
  15. (1 day ago/still active daily)
  16. (x)
  17. (x)
  18. (x)
  19. (2 test log ins 285/287 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  20. (x)
  21. (x)
  22. (x)
  23. (x)
  24. (11 test sessions spread over 17-68 days ago)
  25. (1 test log in 342 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  26. (1 test log in 197 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  27. (1 test log in 263 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  28. (x)
  29. (x)
  30. (x)
  31. (x)
  32. (x)
  33. (x)
  34. (x)
  35. (x)
  36. (x)
  37. (x)
  38. (x)
  39. (x)
  40. (x)
  41. (x)
  42. (x)
  43. (x)
  44. (x)
  45. (x)
  46. (x)
  47. (x)
  48. (x)
  49. (x)
  50. (x – account wiped of all content by user)
  51. (x)
  52. (x)
  53. (x)
  54. (x)
  55. (x)
  56. (x)
  57. (x)
  58. (x)
  59. (x)
  60. (x)
  61. (x)
  63. (x)
  64. (x)
  65. (x)
  66. (x)
  67. (x)
  68. (x)
  69. (x)
  70. (x)
  71. (x)
  72. (x)
  73. (x)
  74. (x)
  75. (x)
  76. (x)
  77. (x)
  78. (x)
  79. (1 test log in 260 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  80. (x)
  81. (x)
  82. (x)
  83. (x)
  84. (x)
  85. (x)
  86. (x)
  87. (x)
  88. (x)
  89. (1 test log in 112 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  90. (x)
  91. (x)
  92. (x)
  93. (x)
  94. (x)
  95. (x)
  96. (x)
  97. (x)
  98. (x)
  99. (x)
  100. (1 test log in 202 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  101. (x)
  102. (x)
  103. (1 test log in 20 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)
  104. (x)
  105. (6 test sessions 130278 days ago)
  106. (x)
  107. (x)
  108. (x)
  109. (x)
  110. (x)
  111. (x)
  112. (x)
  113. (x)
  114. [Corporate HelpDesk Account] (1 test log in 312 days ago/otherwise 1+ years ago)

SovereignVision © April 14, 2018

3 thoughts on “FixYa: The Epilog

  1. Fixya dug their own grave with corporate greed. They took a great site and buried it in full view of the world. I ponder who the investing folks were that took such a financial loss as a result.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wrote the above comment. I am #40 on the fixya expert’s list. I departed fixya 10 Sep with a user satisfaction percentage of roughly 95% and never looked back.
      True expert’s know what happens when someone tinkers with a product without the knowledge or skillsets needed to maintain that product. Right FixYa? A final note, the name help-u-fixit was my idea. I will never claim that as intellectual property. It was what expert’s do; that being generate positive ideas and solutions.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Greetings, Kelly. It’s been a while, my friend. I hope you and yours are all well and staying safe.

    I’m Gary, one of a small team of assorted technical analysts who used the log in at #54 on the fixya experts’ list (Virtual_A). It was our team which discovered the deficits of the still born FY Marketplace and initiated a series of alerts that continued to ricochet across the site until it had reached every expert.

    I can vouch for everything Kelly says here. He and I haven’t spoken in a little while but what he says is undeniable.

    FY shot itself in the foot in introducing the barren concept of the FY Marketplace without consulting experts. Then (as our then resident expert wit Mark Lockier famously once said), FY calmly reloaded and shot itself in the other foot, by ignoring the advice of experts to revert to what worked. FY remained stubborn until there was nothing left to save.

    This insightful post by my colleague Samantha (who also used the log in Office_Angel on FY), perfectly illustrates the extent of the devastation FY’s poor judgement left behind.

    I can also confirm that Kelly is quite correct on the other matter he raises. It was indeed he who first came up with the idea of an alternative service to fill in the gap that FY had vacated, branded Help-U-FiXiT, He first coined the name in conversation with me almost a decade ago. I’m only too happy to put that on the record.

    I passed his suggestion on to other fellow investors behind SolutionCenters/SolutioCentres, whose implementation team has been cautiously and patiently building up to launching a new platform, where HUFI will be the centerpiece. I have no doubt whatsoever that Kelly’s contribution will not be overlooked and is likely be rewarded, in a number of different ways, when SC/HUFI completes a successful UK pilot and launches globally.


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